Annoying drivers...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

As I was driving to the post office today, I was reminded of just how many annoying drivers there are out there. I live in an area that is very close to the city, but it's also very close to a rural area. It's a straight, 4-lane stretch of road between my house & the post office, passing mostly through rolling farmland. There is usually a fair amount of traffic on this road considering that there are no retail stores or gas stations. The speed limit is 55 mph - yet you rarely find anyone going that speed. What happened today is not an unusual occurrence - there was a car in each of the southbound lanes, and neither one of them was going over 45 mph. They drove side-by-side - and neither one seemed to be aware of the traffic piling up behind them. And no, neither one was an international harvester, so there was no excuse. What, may I ask, is the reason for having two southbound lanes if they're both going to be used by slow drivers?? I have no problem with them driving 45 mph - but don't use both lanes. Argh.

So that made me start thinking of all the other annoying things that drivers do - and I made a list. Amazingly enough, typing out the list made me feel better, LOL!

I hate...
  • drivers that pull out in front of me at the last minute, then drive so slowly that I have to slam on my brakes. For the love of burnt rubber! You couldn't have waited 5 more seconds for me to pass by? You had to pull out RIGHT NOW, so you could GO SLOW?
  • drivers that slam on their brakes for no apparent reason. Why in the world would you suddenly slam on your brakes while driving 40-50 mph? Did you think you saw a red light? A deer? Were your kids driving you crazy & you threatened to stop the car 'right now' if they didn't stop fighting? 
  • drivers who don't maintain a steady speed on a straight road with no traffic lights or stop signs. They drive along at 65 mph, then they slow down to 50 mph - then just as I start to pass them, they speed up to 65 mph. So I stay put, only to find them going 50 mph a minute later. WTF? Two words. Cruise control.
  • drivers who 'merge' onto the freeway at 35 mph. Um, hello? The cars that you're merging with are going at least 55 mph - how do you think you're going to merge at 35 mph? I bet you can't follow someone into a revolving door either, can you?
  • drivers who see a red light/stop sign a half mile up the road & think they should start slowing down way back here. My husband does this & it drives (ha!) me insane. **beats head on dashboard**
  • drivers who creep along in parking lots. Yes, it's a parking lot - no, you shouldn't speed - but I CAN WALK FASTER THAN YOU'RE DRIVING!! And I have really short legs, too. Good grief, if there's not a spot, move along - the cars aren't going to magically disappear if you drive slowly enough.
  • drivers who can't park their car between the white lines. If you park so close to me that I can't open my car door far enough to get in/out, I'm not going to be very happy. If you've left your young children in the car alone (and don't even get me started on that), they're probably going to hear some really colorful language. And if YOU hit MY car with YOUR car door - well, let's just say it's not going to be pretty.
  • drivers who talk on their cellphones while driving. For Pete's sake, if you must talk, PLEASE GET A HEADSET. They swerve into the other lane, drive too slow, drive too fast - heck, the other day I passed a cop who was talking on his cellphone while driving.

I really do try to think of all the possible reasons a person could cut me off, or drive like a bat out of hell, or even drive on the side of the road - but I just can't think of ANY good reasons why people would do any of the above, LOL!

Do you have pet peeves about other drivers?


Rachael said...

I literally laughed out loud while reading this. LOL!!!

Vicki said...

Very amusing, and I can relate! Thanks for a good laugh today :)

Mommy Beauty said...

I haaaate getting honked at by people who can't see whether traffic is coming or not. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to risk my kid's life, my own life, or my car's pretty paint job so some Joe Schmoe can get to McDonald's a half a minute sooner. Happened today. Today was not a good day to mess with me. My response was not pretty.

Kim said...

Oh, honkers are the worst! My husband is a honker & it makes me crazy. I keep telling him that someday, someone is going to take serious offense to his honking, LOL.