Sexy vampires

Monday, January 25, 2010

As a die-hard True Blood fan (and a devout Eric lover), I was ecstatic to read this article about more nude Eric in Season 3. Well, after reading the first part of it, I had to sit back, take a few deep breaths, and fan myself a bit - but wow. More nude Eric?? HBO, I salute you. Is Alexander Skarsgard hot or what?? Season 3 can't start soon enough.

I love vampire shows. I admit it. But just the ones where vampires are sexy - like Angel, Spike, Eric, Frank Langella's Dracula - not the nasty nosferatu ones like Klaus Kinski. So I was anxious to see The Vampire Diaries on CW. I knew it was based on the young adult book series by L.J. Smith - but I willing to give it a chance, even though I found Twilight disappointing. The first couple of shows left me feeling like I was watching a DeGrassi spinoff, so I stopped watching. Of course, it's hard to compete with the perfection that was Buffy & Angel. Then, about a month later, for some reason (who knows why), I picked up where I left off and started watching TVD again. Before I knew what had happened, I was sucked in (a little vampire humor). It's not bad. Buffy & Angel they're not - but Elena & Stefan are okay. I admit, I find Damon (who would be  Spike in the TVD threesome) a little more interesting - but he's mostly bad, so I don't want to like him - but he has a bit of a 'good' streak that makes me like him. Anyway, if you haven't seen it - check it out. The Vampire Diaries on CW, Thursdays at 8pm/7central. It's my dirty little secret.