SpringPad it!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I just received my daily email from CouponGeek, and I saw a little blurb about SpringPad - which is a free online personal organizer. What caught my eye was that you can save your favorite recipes here - all in one place! You can type them in or add them by URL. How cool is that? Now I don't have to bookmark or print out 100's of recipes from 20 different sites - I can just add them to my SpringPad and they're all in one place! Genius!!

There are other things you can do with your account - you can connect to your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or Gmail accounts - and you do have the option make all/some/none of your info private.

There are apps you can add to your account - things like weekly meal planning, household budget, notes, grocery lists, blog post planner, diary, travel checklists, calorie tracker, workout tracker, etc. So if you prefer to have things centralized, it seems this site might be a good option. Mostly I'm just excited about being able to organize all of my recipes in one place!