Fun & free food at Qdoba!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I wanted to get a coupon for free food at Qdoba, so I played the "Craft Your Life" game on their website. I have to say, I got a chuckle out of the results:

"It's official. You & Johnny Football are destined to tie the knot. Congrats! The two of you will use a Howlin' Hog as your mode of transport, and your pet African lion will wake you up every morning and wait for you when you come home from your job as an International Dee-jay.

You & your perfect match will spend your time eating candy and cake in a shack in a quaint spot in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where you'll meet tons of new friends via the 2 social media sites you decide to join. Your final status update will say "Draw", and you'll indulge in a Naked Burrito and Naked Taco Salad Craft 2 at Qdoba countless times!"

Hilarious!! Give it a try - it's fun & you get a coupon for free food when you're finished with the quiz!