John Frieda Root Awakening hair products

Thursday, February 4, 2010

If I had to pick one problem with my hair, I'd pick 'flat roots'. I have really thick hair that weighs a ton - it's about 4" below my shoulders, and the longer it is, the more it weights down the roots. I've tried tons of products that are supposed to 'boost' roots, but have gotten little to no results with them. John Frieda has a new line out called 'Root Awakening'. The blurb on his website says "For stronger, more manageable style, start at the roots. Infused with natural Eucalyptus, Root Awakening® products awaken your hair's resiliency from root to tip for hair that's bouncy, radiant and easier to style."

I noticed in this week's Walgreen's ad that they have a special - 3 Root Awakening shampoo or conditioner products for $15, and $5 in register rewards with that purchase. I had already printed some coupons a couple of weeks ago - one for $5.00 off 2 Root Awakening products, and another for $2.00 off 1 Root Awakening products - so I figured now was a good time to give the products a try.

With my coupons and the sale price, I ended up paying $8.00 (not including tax) for 2 shampoos & 1 conditioner - plus I have $5 in register rewards to spend the next time I go to Walgreen's. So essentially, I paid $3.00 for 3 hair products - total savings of $17.97 (includes sale price, manufacturer's coupons, & register rewards). Not a bad deal at all!

I purchased the Strength-Restoring Shampoo & Conditioner, and the Health-Infusing Shampoo. I'll be sure to post an update after I have a chance to try the products.

So if you're interested in trying the products, now is a good time to do so - and even if you've never heard of them, $3.00 for 3 products is a pretty good deal! I printed the coupons on (I hope they're still available). And you don't need any store coupons for the Walgreen's deal.