Sephora's Give Me Some Lip review, pt. 1

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sephora introduced a cute little lipgloss 'sampler' for Valentine's Day, and of course, I couldn't resist!

 the front of the box

the back of the box, listing the contents

 the goodies inside the box!

Rather than try to review all 7 products in one post, I'm just going to tackle 4 of them today. First - the Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips lip plumper in April. It's a beautiful shade of sheer carnation pink (my favorite color!) with a fair amount of fine sparkles. The consistency isn't too sticky, but I did find it a little difficult to apply evenly with the applicator brush. I ended up having to smooth it out with a different lip brush. The scent is a bit like vanilla. This product does contain menthone glycerin acetal, which is basically menthol. And boy can you feel it! I experienced significant stinging (not uncomfortable, but noticeable) for a couple of hours. I didn't really notice any change in my lips - but I use Lip Fusion regularly, so I don't know that I'd see a difference. It does contain other actives that could produce plumping over time. I'm guessing if I used this regularly, I would have issues with dryness & flaking due to the menthol.

BE Buxom Lips lip plumper in April
April swatched on the back of my hand

The next product is Laura Mercier lipgloss in Rose. This is a deep rose color that is sheer, but definitely offers some color, too. It has some very fine shimmery glitter & the consistency is fairly creamy - not sticky at all. The scent is a little like vanilla Playdoh, which was not very pleasant to my nose, LOL.  

Laura Mercier lipgloss in Rose
Rose swatched on the back of my hand

Next up is Korres Mango Butter Lipstick w/ spf 10 in Pink 14. I think the color is very similar to the Laura Mercier lipgloss in Rose and it also has the same fine shimmer. The difference is that this product is a bit more sheer and a little less glossy - but it still has some gloss. I guess the scent is mango butter - but I'm not sure, LOL. It's not an unpleasant scent. The consistency of the mango butter lipsticks is lovely - very creamy, not sticky. I like them a lot.

Korres Mango Butter Lipstick w/ spf 10 in Pink 14
Pink 14 swatched on the back of my hand

The last lippie I'm going to review today is Benefit's Posietint in Poppy Pink. This is a really pretty coral-pink. The consistency reminds me of MAC's See-Thru Lip Color (from the Rose Romance Collection 2009). It has almost a watery consistency, so that once it's on the lips & dries, it doesn't feel like there is anything on your lips. And it definitely leaves a stain behind, so beware! I swatched the color on my hand early in the day and 10 hours later, even through doing laundry, washing dishes, and washing my hands several times - the pink stain is still there. Think light cherry Kool-aid stain and you'll have the picture! I like the feel of gloss on my lips, so I'd have to top this with something else - and I'm not sure how I feel about having my lips stained. Although I always wear a lipliner, so I'm guessing I wouldn't have much staining. There isn't any shimmer/glitter in this product.
Benefit's Posietint in Poppy Pink
Poppy Pink swatched on the back of my hand

Have you tried any of these? Did you like them? 


E said...

Great reviews! I really like that you put the product on your hand so I can see the actual color. Some look very different than in the tube! Very helpful!