Wednesday's WTF?? 2/24/10

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Every once in awhile you come across someone or something that just makes you say/think "WTF?" - so I thought I'd start a "Wednesday's WTF?" post.

The other day, I saw these leggings that someone obviously time-warped from the 80's or looted from Cindy Lauper's closet. Someone would seriously pay money for these & wear them? Sure, I did the short skirt with patterned black stockings & pumps thing in the 80's. Okay, maybe I even occasionally paired that with some lacy anklet socks. (Right now, my husband is remembering when I used to dress like that. He liked that look. He'll want to talk about it later.) But if my stockings looked like this I would've pitched them:

But just in case any of you want to embrace the 80's, you can find these lovelies at Plasticland. And honey, don't even think of surprising me with a pair of these - 'kay?


Jessica said...

Isn't it awful? Gag me with a spoon!

Kim said...

It's pretty 'OMG Becky', isn't it?

Mommy Beauty said...

I think WTF Wednesdays should happen every week.

Kim said...

I'm sure I could find enough material to do it every week - don't you think? LOL!

Imperfect Mom said...

I look at those and think "I'd never get them on. My toes would keep getting stuck in the slits".

Oh, and I'd look like a dumb ass.