Brilliant or crazy?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I can't decide if these mugs are a brilliant invention or the goofiest things I've ever seen, LOL! Obviously a great gift for the person who has everything - and loves to drink coffee/tea/cocoa!

Lap Mug (picture courtesy of Uncommon Goods)

This is a Lap Mug from Uncommon Goods. Apparently perfect for balancing on your lap/between your legs. But I have to ask...what if you have to jump up to answer the door or phone? Where do you set the mug? LOL! Interesting concept - a conversation-starter, for sure - but definitely something I would only find useful on vacation; when I can actually sit and drink an entire beverage without interruption. :-)

Knee Mug (picture courtesy of Uncommon Goods)

And here's the Knee Mug for those who prefer to rest their drink on their knee/leg. This one appears to be a little more practical - it looks as though you might be able to set this one down without it tipping over.

The only person I've ever known who rested his coffee mug on his lap/knee was my Papa (my grandpa). If he was at home, he had a mug of coffee. Never a cup - always a mug. Sometimes, you'd see him out on the riding mower in the blazing sun - with a mug of coffee resting on his leg. Every time Gus & I would go on vacation, we'd bring Papa a new souvenir mug. A few of those precious mugs now call my kitchen cabinet home - and I smile a bittersweet smile when I see them. Papa truly would have appreciated the technology in the knee mug. And he would have made up a silly story about it. He made up silly songs & stories about everything. :-)

1994 - Buddy & Papa (and his coffee mug!)


Jessica said...

Wow, those are interesting! How much do they sell for?

Kim said...

Are you sitting down? They're $16, LOL!