"Mom" shoes

Friday, March 19, 2010

Buddy and I went Kohl's the other day (because he had to have a new pair of jeans) and naturally I wandered over to the shoe department. THEY HAD THE CUTEST SHOES!!!! O.M.G. CUTE. Seriously, made me reach out and touch them cute. But did I buy any? No. Why? Because Buddy looked at me like I was insane and said, "You are not buying those shoes." WTF? When I asked why not, he again gave me that "you're insane look" and said "Because you're not buying them." Hmmmmm. I asked him what was wrong with the shoes and he said "nothing". So I'm trying to figure out why he's so insistent that I should not buy any of these shoes - when suddenly it hits me. He doesn't want me to buy the shoes because they're all sexy shoes. Apparently the kid hasn't seen 90% of my shoes - or he's just in denial. I suspect it's denial.

A couple of weeks ago (when we had two days of 60 degree weather), I ventured out for the first time this year in a pair of red polka-dot flats. Buddy looked at me, looked at my shoes, and informed me that if I was going to go into the store wearing those shoes, he wasn't going with me. They weren't sexy, so I assume that these particular shoes offended him because they were too bright. Wonder what he'll do when I wear my new floral flats from Target?

Once he even asked me why I couldn't just look like a "normal" mom. Hmmm. I need to work on him a little more before I set him loose on the female population. He needs to learn that you can't come between a woman and her shoes - even if that woman is your mom.

Anyway - back to the awesome shoes at Kohls...

Apt. 9 Phoenix sale price $37.99

Apt. 9 Arden sale price $29.99

Simply Vera Vera Wang Margarit sale price $29.99

ELLE Georgina sale price $36.99

ELLE Mariel sale price $39.99

I think I may have to take a trip to Kohl's by myself. Or maybe with Gus - he's usually very supportive of my shoe purchases.  :-)


Imperfect Mom said...

LOVE the pink Elle shoes! Mama may need to take a trip to Kohls. Dressing like a "normal" mom just ain't my thang :).

Kim said...

Aren't they adorable?? They have them in other colors, but you know how I love pink...