Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have a love/hate relationship with Chadwick's. I always see a few cute things in their catalogs, but I know from experience that I'm probably going to be disappointed if I order them. The quality of their items just isn't up to par, in my opinion. I also think their shipping prices are a little high - but then, I think that of most places.

I saw this beach cover-up in one of their catalogs and thought it was really cute. The price was reasonable ($16.99) - but there wasn't anything else I wanted, and I didn't want to pay $7 for shipping one little cotton dress that weighed about 8 ounces. So I didn't buy it.

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Until tonight. I found a coupon code (CHFREE1) that is good for one free item!! Yep, that's right. You purchase any item, and you get another item of equal or lesser value for free! And the cover-up is on sale for $12.99! I bought one in black and one in Aegean - total price, with tax & shipping was $19.98!! Woo hoo! I think I might even be able to get away with wearing these around the house as a casual summer dress - but we'll see how the fabric is once they arrive.

The code expires 5/2/10, so hurry over to Chadwick's and see if you can find any good deals!


Gus said...

Hmmm... is this just a precursor to the inevtiable wearing of housecoats like Grandma used to do :) Love u!

Kim said...

LOL! Probably. I'll need to get some of that pink hair dye that old ladies use (you know they always have either pink or blue hair), and some fugly slippers, too. You can wear plaid shorts with white socks and those fugly black sandals old men wear. Love you, too! :-)