Another easy way to go green!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

You know I really believe in trying to be as green as possible - if you doubt that, just ask Gus, LOL. He gets a little aggravated with me at times, but he's usually pretty good-natured about it. I think he figures it's just easier to go along with me than it is to argue.  :-)

Anyway, Paper Mate now offers biodegradable pens and mechanical pencils. You need to disassemble them before discarding, because some parts must still be disposed of in the garbage - but the rest of the pen/pencil can be placed in the soil or a home compost heap. These pieces will biodegrade completely in about a year.

Paper Mate also offers other green products:

 Earth Write pencils - made from 100% recycled wood!

Do you know the difference between biodegradable, renewable, recycled, and recyclable?
  • biodegradable materials return to nature
  • renewable materials are derived from replenishable resources
  • recycled materials are made from discarded items or supplies
  • recyclable materials can be reused instead of discarded  
You buy pens and pencils anyway, right? Might as well buy ones made from recycled materials and/or that are biodegradable!