Monday's Meal - FAIL

Monday, May 3, 2010

I did make something else this weekend. Unfortunately it was a major fail. I decided to make banana nut bread - and I used one of Paula Deen's recipes. I love Paula. And I have never had one of her recipes fail. Except this one. And this is the second time it has failed. I followed the recipe exactly both times. WTF?

The first time I tried this recipe, I filled the loaf pan with all of the batter even though I thought it looked too full. I figured Paula knew what she was doing - and loaf pans are a standard size. Um, no. The bread overflowed and even with extra baking time stayed gooey in the center.

So this time, I didn't use all of the batter - I only filled the pan about 2/3 full. It baked for 40 minutes and then Gus checked it for me. Still gooey. So I let it bake for another 5 minutes and he checked it again. Still gooey. Back in the oven for 5 more minutes. This time I checked it, and since the skewer came out clean, I took it out of the oven.

Sad, huh? And the entire sunken area is gooey. Sigh. Paula would be so disappointed in me. On the bright side, the ends are pretty tasty.


Gus said...

Two words - EPIC FAIL :)

Kim said...

LOL - you're right. But you would've said that anyway since you hate bananas. :-)

Imperfect Mom said...

That is a sad loaf of banana bread.

Kim said...

I know! I was almost too embarrassed to post a picture - but I figured it was good for a few chuckles, LOL.