Meow Cosmetics blush swatches

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh, my gosh! I am in love with ALL of these - and they just represent a small number of the blushes available from Meow Cosmetics! I like peachy-pink and pink neutral/warm blushes the best, so that's what you'll see here.

swatched on white paper just to give you an idea of the actual colors without skin tone

The Lush Blushes are described as blushes that give a glow to the skin without any sparkle or shimmer. The three colors I bought are: A Lick & A Promise, In-Cat-uation, and Kiss-and-Tell. Pretty, pretty, pretty!! I love all three of them! I'll list the color descriptions from the Meow Cosmetics website under the pictures below:

A Lick & A Promise: cherry/rose

In-Cat-uation: soft, neutral, dusty pink

Kiss-and-Tell: neutral-toned crisp sweet pink

These three are from the "regular" blush collection. This formulation is said to be sheer and luminous. Of the three colors I purchased - Harlot, Delusions, and Orgasmic - Delusions is definitely my favorite. The other two are just a bit too peachy/coral for me - but I will also note that with the swatches, I applied the blush much more heavily than I would if I applying to my cheeks.

Harlot: sheer, rich coral with tones of pink and peach

Delusions: soft, dusty, sheer pink

Orgasmic: sheer, with just enough pink, peach, tan for purrr-fection!

The Masterpiece Blushes are sheer washes of color. I purchased Midsummer's Eve and The Dream, both of which are very pretty. I like Midsummer's Eve the best of the two, but I think that's just because The Dream will be a little too light for me. I do think it would make a pretty highlight color - for cheeks or eyes.

Midsummer's Eve: strawberry-hued with rose undertones

The Dream: soft, subtle, peachy pink

These last four blushes are from the Firefly Blush Collection. The description on the Meow Cosmetics website says "Our Firefly Collection of blushes and bronzers have a creamy, dewy feel on the skin, and provide a luminescent scintillating sheen of sun drenched color and shimmer." So as one would suspect from the name and the description, these blushes have more shimmer than the others. I purchased three of the samples and a fourth was included as a free sample. The colors are: Shimmer, Spark, Glisten, & Illuminate. I love these colors, but I think the blushes are a bit too shimmery for a woman my age. However - I plan to try dusting a little translucent powder over the blush to tone down the shimmer a bit. I also plan to try adding just a little plain white mica directly to the blush powder to see if that tones down the shimmer a bit.

Shimmer: peach-pink-beige

Spark: peach-pink

Glisten: medium rosy pink

Illuminate: caramel with cherry undertones and gold sparkle and sheen
I have to tell you that I am really loving this makeup company. Great prices, great products, fast shipping, lots of sales/coupon codes - what's not to love? I've been in love with another mineral makeup company for years, so for me to say that I really love Meow Cosmetics, well, that's saying something. I've been dissatisfied with the other company of late, so I've been hoping to find another company that offered quality mineral makeup that worked for me. I think I've found it!

Have you tried Meow Cosmetics? If so, what are your favorite products?