My little world...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

So here's what happening in my little corner of the world...

We were eating dinner on the deck one night, and this mama duck and her four babies were in the neighbor's yard having their dinner. Too cute!!

Exactly one week later, they were making the trip from one pond to another - walking across the yards. I couldn't believe how much the babies had grown!

This was the night of the bad storm last week. That cloud was soooo nasty-looking! It was like the mothership of clouds hovering over the city - like the alien mothership in "V", LOL.

This colorful little fella spun his web on the deck between the grill and the house. It was a huge web, too! I think he's some type of orb weaver from the look of his web.

And he looked like he had a huge eyeball on his body, LOL. Don't know what happened to him though, because when Gus took the cover off the grill, he didn't see Spidey. Oops.

So. You see these clumps of Japanese Silver Grass? Yeah. Well, we planted them at the same time two years ago. Obviously, they get the same soil, sun, and water, so I'm not sure why one is huge and the other is tiny. Any ideas?

flowers on one of my hostas


butterfly on the buddeleia

another butterfly on the buddeleia

Have a wonderful weekend!!