Sandal search!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What the heck is going on? I ordered three pairs of sandals last week and I had to return them all!!

I'm really not asking for much. Just a pair of cute brown sandals. I had (well, I still have them, but they're so worn that I'm afraid to wear them away from the house, LOL) a pair of brown Dockers sandals that were perfect. They looked so cute on my feet, and they were oh-so-comfy. I wore them everywhere for a couple of years. And I've been trying to find replacements for them ever since.

I got these Anne Klein sandals from Piperlime last week - but when they arrived - well, let's just say "oh my".
Yep. They're bronze all right. Shiny Super-shiny bronze. And the edge of the footbed? Yeah. That would be super-shiny gold. Like blind you in the sun gold. And the "ornamentation"? Well, they would be really large, super-pearlized thingies. Maybe appropriate for the retirement home in Florida, but they won't work here. So back they went.

Then I saw these really cute sandals on - so adorable! And in so many cute colors!! I ordered two - one pair in cognac and the other in black.
But no - they look horrible on my feet. The strap that goes across the foot crosses too high on my foot - it needs to be back another inch or two. Sigh. So two more back to the store.

I'm looking for something with straps across the top, sort of like these (but not in green, and not like the rest of the shoe) - but maybe also with a thong (because I find it easier to keep thongs on my feet):
And with a heel like these (or maybe a short, flat heel - but not completely flat; and absolutely no rubber soles!!):
No ankle straps, no gladiator sandals - just some cute, strappy, feminine sandals for everyday wear. Help??