Thursday's Blog

Thursday, July 1, 2010

This Thursday's Blog isn't really a blog - but it's a fun website, so I wanted to share it with you. It's called Go Try It On - and it's a site where you can give an opinion or get an opinion. You can submit pictures of yourself wearing different outfits and get opinions from the community (or just from your friends), or you can give opinions on outfits others have posted.

It has the potential to get really catty - but I've yet to see anyone say anything mean. Most people really try to be helpful with their comments. And trust me, some of these folks really need some good advice!

I like looking at all of the different outfits. Sometimes it's amusing, sometimes it's appalling (which is kind of amusing), sometimes it's cute, and sometimes it's stunning. There are a few pics of guys, but mostly it's women/girls.

It's kind of like "What Not To Wear" without Stacy and Clinton. And all of the faces are blurred, so there is no public humiliation. Of course, there's also no trip to New York - and no $5000 to spend on clothes. But hey, you get free advice.

They do have a blog -  and you can follow them on Twitter.

It's fun - check it out!