Baby ducks

Monday, October 11, 2010

Remember the baby ducks that I blogged about a few months ago? We would see them with their mama, waddling through the yard, going from pond to pond. So cute!

These four seem to have made our street their "home". They make their rounds to all of the houses, but I think we're the ones who feed them the most. When they see one of us, they will waddle as fast as they can to our yard.

We started out by feeding them in the yard. Then we moved to the sidewalk, and then the porch. At first, they were pretty timid and wouldn't get too close. Now they will walk right up to us and even eat from our hands. I'm pretty sure they even recognize my voice since I talk to them while I feed them.

I'm pretty sure that these ducks are the babies of the female black duck & male mallard that we've seen together every year since we moved here. Female black ducks are very similar to female mallards, except that black ducks have a blue spot on their wings and a greenish bill, while female mallards lack the blue and have an orange & brown bill.

From the looks of these "babies", there are three females and one male. And that's probably more than you ever wanted to know about ducks, LOL!

Here's a video of me talking to them on the porch:


Jessica said...

I think that's the first time I've ever heard your voice! :) Love it.

Kim said...

I always think I sound like a dork when I hear my voice recorded like that! LOL!