St. Pete Beach, Day 1

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gus & I recently spent a few days in St, Pete Beach, FL. Gus used to vacation there when he was a kid - but it had been over 20 years since was there, so he was looking forward to seeing what was the same and what had changed. Since this was my first time visiting, I couldn't wait to see everything.

Here are some pictures we took the first day:

The condo was really nice. A little small, but enough room for two for a few days - and it was right on the beach. We just happened to be there during a cold spell, so we didn't get to try out the pool - but it looked nice & the pool area was spotless.

The beach in front of the condo was simply beautiful! Lots of white sand - and virtually empty. Even though it was chilly and very windy, we did walk on the beach a few times. Comparing this beach to the one in Destin: this one is a lot wider/larger, but there are a ton of shells along the shoreline, so it hurts to walk in your bare feet; in Destin, you rarely come across any shells at all and the sand is always easy on the feet.

We absolutely loved Sea Critters! The food was delicious (so were the drinks, but that's another story) and the service was great. It's just a little shack of a place that sits on the bay in Pass-a-Grille Beach. They had the best warm bread - served with Caribbean-style butter (it had honey and mangoes in it - yum!!). If you're ever in that area, I highly recommend giving them a try!