Walgreens app

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I may not always be thrilled with the service at Walgreens - and I may think that the pharmacist at my store needs a refresher course - but I have to tell you, I am totally enamored with the Walgreens app on my iPhone!

You can do several things with it, but the thing that I think is the coolest is the "refill by scan" option.

You just tap the "refill by scan" icon, and it opens up a camera/scanner with two red arrows.

You line up the barcode on the label between the two red arrows, and it immediately scans the code and takes you to the next screen. (This is why I couldn't take a photo of the barcode - so in this picture, you just see the arrows and another section of the label.)

This is the next screen you see - it shows your prescription number, the address of your store, and the date & time. If everything is correct, you tap the "submit" button and your prescription refill request is sent to the store. If something is not correct, you just tap the "cancel" button and start over.

Cool huh? So much better than using their automated phone system that has you typing in a ton of numbers and responses!