7 Things Never To Say To A Woman During a Fight...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I recently read another funny little blurb in Redbook magazine, and thought I'd share. A couple of months ago, I posted one called "11 Things Never To Say To A Man You Love" - well, this one is called "7 Things Never To Say To A Woman During a Fight", LOL!

7 Things Never To Say To A Woman During A Fight
  1. Wait - I got distracted. What did you just say?
  2. Why can't you be more like [insert friend's name]'s wife?
  3. Hold on. I need a beer.
  4. Are you about to start your period?
  5. Can we do this after the game?
  6. Oh, you're really mad? I thought you were joking.
  7. Does this mean we can't have sex tonight?
(compiled Emily McKhann and the readers of themotherhood.com and Jill Smokler of scarymommy.com)

Gus & I really don't fight much (anymore, LOL), but I'm sure he has thought most of those. The one that really fits him is #1. And he doesn't actually say it. If I tell him something (again, not fighting - just talking) and he replies "yeah", or "uh-huh" and then nothing else, that's my clue that he has no idea what I've just said. So I'll say, "Did you hear me?" - and of course, his standard reply is "Yes, I heard you". But for some reason, he can never seem to tell me what I just said. One of these days, he's going to miss something really important.  ;-)