Navarre Beach Day 3, part 1

Sunday, October 16, 2011

On our third day in Florida, I managed to catch another gorgeous sunrise from our balcony. I could definitely get used to seeing this every morning!

Then it was off to breakfast at a local place called the Sailors' Grill, Bakery, & Bar. This place is part of Juana's Pagoda's, which is right on the bay by the park. You can drive, walk, or arrive by boat. It never seemed to be crowded in the morning (and we were soon to figure out why), but it was always crowded in the evening. Well, the bar and the beach volleyball courts were crowded. It seemed to be very popular with the 20-something crowd. The decor was beach funky & I liked it a lot. Too bad the food was horrible. We ordered omelets & potatoes - how hard is it to make a decent omelet? These were the worst eggs I've ever tasted - they didn't even taste like eggs. The only thing that redeemed the entire breakfast was the homemade wheat toast & cinnamon roll. Oh. My. Goodness. We ended up going back a couple of times just to get cinnamon rolls to go!

After breakfast, we decided to drive down Gulf Blvd./Hwy. 399 toward Pensacola Beach. We stopped at the Gulf Islands National Seashore on Santa Rosa Island just to take in the beautiful scenery & enjoy the weather/beach.

After that, we headed further down the road to Pensacola Beach and Fort Pickens - and I'll tell you about that in Part 2!!