Navarre Beach Day 7, part 2

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our last few hours in Florida...

We decided to eat dinner at the Beach Monkey Bar & Grill, which is located just in front of the Navarre Pier. Apparently, this restaurant has changed hands a lot and the quality of food & service has been questionable in the past. But since there are new owners, we thought we'd give it a try.

I thought the Voodoo Juice sounded yummy, but I didn't expect it to arrive in a bucket! Well, it was yummy. And yes, I drank it all. :-)

Gus had the redfish (which is similar to mahi mahi) and I had the fish taco (which was more of a fish wrap - but that was great because it wasn't messy!) - both were delicious and we would definitely eat here again.

After dinner, we drove up Hwy. 399 to the Gulf Islands National Seashore at the Santa Rosa area/Opal Beach again. It was very peaceful and we were able to enjoy one last sunset here on the beach.

And that's it for our trip! I'm already planning our next vacation!