10 Beauty Products...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I just read an interesting article on Glamour.com: The 10 beauty products every woman should own ...

Their list:
  1. blush
  2. concealer
  3. eye cream
  4. red lipstick
  5. BB cream
  6. mascara
  7. dry shampoo
  8. deep conditioner
  9. face wipes
  10. sunscreen
I disagree with a few of their choices. I never wear red lipstick. I never use face wipes for fear that the ingredients will cause irritation or breakouts. And I never (well, almost never) deep-condition my hair. So I made a list of my own...

My list:
  1. a good broad-spectrum sunscreen (I like Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion, spf 60 and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock spf 70
  2. tinted moisturizer or BB cream (I'm testing some new ones, so I'll let you know my favorites)
  3. blush (I love Meow Cosmetics' Delusions - they describe it as a soft, dusty pink, but on me it's a peachy pink)
  4. mascara (my favorite is Maybelline's Full & Soft (washable), it's inexpensive & reminds me of Dior Show)
  5. mascara base (IMO, the only one worth using is Shiseido's Nourishing Mascara Base)
  6. concealer (I really like Amazing Cosmetics' Amazing Concealer - I buy the "to-go" size, it lasts a long time)
  7. eye cream (the one I'm using is an eye cream & concealer in one - Olay Total Effects Eye Cream + Concealer - however, I can't find a link for it, so I assume they stopped making it (of course) and I'll soon be on the hunt for a new one)
  8. dry shampoo (I use the one from IFP, but I also like Oscar Blandi's Pronto & I've heard Batiste is good)
  9. YLBB/nude lipstick/lipgloss (the best will vary since everyone is different, but I like Benefit's Full-Finish Lipstick in Lady's Choice & Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty Forever Stay Moisture Gloss in Sparkling Nude)
  10. makeup setting spray (I like Urban Decay's All Nighter)
So what's on your list?