Proper-fitting jeans

Monday, August 6, 2012

I hate shopping for jeans. If I try on thirty different styles, maybe one will look good. Maybe. If I don't see a muffin top staring back at me in the mirror, it's a huge gaping chasm over my butt that has me tugging the jeans up every 2 seconds. If my thighs aren't being squeezed like sausage in a casing, they're flailing around in a sea of denim - and I can't swim. And don't even get me started on the length - either they're so long that hemming them would ruin the entire line of the jeans or they're so short my ankles are showing. Petites are usually too short, so I have to look for "short" length in the regular department. I'm only 5'3", for Pete's sake - jeans should never be too short for me! It's depressing. I wear a size 8 short, so it seems to me that it shouldn't be that difficult to find jeans that look decent. But apparently, size isn't the issue.

I recently came across a wonderful blog that discusses the proper fit of jeans, including the importance of:
  • Pockets - placement & length
  • Tightness
  • Flare
  • Color/Feathering/Stitching
You can check out this proper jean fit post on the Grasping For Objectivity blog. There are a ton of pictures that show bad, good, better, & best jeans for different body types - and ages. It's amazing!

There is a follow-up post where the blogger (Rachel) tries on different GAP and Old Navy Jeans to show why they don't fit well on most people. Thank you!! I'm always wondering why GAP & Old Navy jeans not only do not fit me, but actually make me look bad. Now I know it's not me - it's the jeans! :-)

As in the original post, there are a ton of great pictures, so be sure to check out the GAP & Old Navy jeans post here.

Best jeans to date for me are: Levi 515 straight leg & Tommy Hilfiger Spirit Skinny. (And I only paid around $30 for each at Macy's during a sale.) I'm going to face jean shopping with a whole new attitude now - it doesn't matter if I have to try on fifty pairs of jeans to find one great-fitting pair - because it's not me, it's the jeans!! And one great-fitting pair is worth the time it takes to find them. Just ask Gus. ;-)