Public cellphone usage tips

Thursday, January 28, 2010

People, people, people - if you're going to use your cellphone in public, think about where you are, what you're saying and how loudly you're saying it.

I admit, there are times when I talk too loudly on my phone. But if I can't hear, then the person on the other end can't hear either, right? LOL! I'm trying to work on talking normally all the time and my kids are happy to shush me as needed. But the extent of my conversation is usually "Hi", "Can I call you back", or "Why didn't you tell me you needed that before I left home?".

So many times I've been in the grocery store, shopping & minding my own business, when suddenly I heard a voice so loud that my first thought was, "It's the emergency broadcast system! I must seek immediate shelter"! But wait - no, that's not it - the emergency broadcast system doesn't use 4-letter words - it's someone on a cellphone IN THE NEXT AISLE! Can you repeat that? I think someone over in aisle 10 missed it.

And let's talk about the doctor's office. If you're in the waiting room & decide to use your phone - for the love HIPAA, take it outside! Everyone in the waiting room is shifting uncomfortably in their seats, trying not to make eye contact with you as you proceed to talk about why you're there. No one wants to hear about your rash or your husband's erectile dysfunction.

I do not need to know your business. I do not need to hear your extensive vocabulary of profanities. I do not need to know anything about your baby daddy/mama. I'm terribly embarrassed for you, especially since you're obviously too clueless to be embarrassed for yourself. Get an unlimited texting plan - and use it. And don't forget to put your phone on vibrate.


kgf said...

I am relating and chuckling thru this particular entry. You really got me @ "The Emergency Broadcast Systems doesn't use 4-letter words"!

Great blog, Kim! I enjoy it immensely!

Kim said...

Thanks! LOL!