A love story.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let me tell you a little love story. 

Once upon a time (a couple of years ago), the four of us (my husband, two kids, and me) decided it was time to get new phones. We went to the Verizon store since we had been with them for almost 20 years. The Verizon dude was extremely rude, so we walked out the door, went to AT&T, and never looked back. 

After looking at the bountiful offerings of AT&T, I was torn between the iPhone (which had just come out) and the Blackberry Curve. The iPhone was $500 and couldn't even send pictures to another phone, so that pretty much made my decision for me. I got a pretty little red Blackberry Curve, and I named her Scarlett. (I do so love Gone With the Wind.) I was in love and we had some great times together. I became a Crackberry ho and didn't care who knew it. I couldn't be without Scarlett - she was the first thing I saw in the morning and the last thing I saw at night. It was idyllic.

But as in most relationships, time changed things. I couldn't count on her anymore. She started taking longer to get things done - and then there was that whole hourglass of doom thing. I was as understanding as I could be and even Googled ways to keep her interest. I tried to stay in the relationship as long as I could, but when she stopped recognizing calls/texts from numbers in my contact list, I knew the end was near. But who would replace her? A sexy little Blackberry Bold 9700 or the much-longed-for 32G iPhone 3GS? 

After weighing the pros and cons (much like Batchelor or The Dating Game), I decided on the iPhone. She's a sassy little thing and we're getting to know each other. I haven't decided whether to call her Georgia or Savannah. Or maybe Sadie.

here she is in her pretty pink & black dress/case

 Here's a view from the back - isn't she pretty?

 a shot of her app icons

a picture of Patrick

 here she is playing a trailer from "Death at a Funeral"

So I have high hopes for this relationship. I think she may be "the one". May we be together forever. Or at least until my new 2 year contract is up. 

If any of you have any favorite apps, I'd love to hear about them. So far, I'm loving Facebook, Tweetie 2, CardStar, Express, Slacker Radio, Flixster Movies, Yelp, Starbucks, Ellen, Bejeweled 2, Shanghai Mahjong, and Instapaper.

Oh, and just so you know - I didn't forget about Verizon. Every time I pass their store, I give them the malocchio. My husband is Italian, so I know about these things. \m/


Anonymous said...

What case is that? I like.

Other favorite apps - Pick & Choose (shopping lists), Dirty Products (organic best/worst list), Pandora, Epicurious, Shazam, OpenTable, LinkedIn, Urban Spoon, and Where.

Kim said...

Thanks for the suggestions!

That case is the iFrogz Luxe - http://ifrogz.com/products.php?cat=432&wrap_overlay=4504|IP3GSoftTouch - I like it a lot! I got mine as part of my 'bundle' at AT&T - but they have a lot of other choices on the website.

I've used their cases for my iPods, too - they're nice.