Shoe love!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I did a little shoe splurge today. It's been awhile since I bought new shoes, so when I saw the Michael Kors sale at, I had to check it out. I ended up getting these (note to my husband, who I know will read this: I knew you'd like these!):
Michael Kors Lyric - orig. $220, sale $24.95 has these for $121.64, so I feel like I got a good deal, LOL. It says they run a half size small, so I ordered a 7.5. I hope they fit, because I hate doing mail returns on shoes. I had to chuckle at Overstock though - their note says they run a half size small, so if you wear an 8, you should order a 7.5 - ummm, okay, LOL! I can definitely see these paired with a denim skirt or a cute little sheath dress for summer.

I also got these:
Michael Kors Gypsy - orig. $165, sale $24.95 also has these - and their price is $90.58 - so again, I feel like I got a good deal. These are pretty cute and should be fairly comfy. I have a pair of Anne Klein sandals that are my absolute favorites and I think I've just about worn them out. So I'm hoping these will help ease the pain if I have to part ways with the AK's.

I also like these, but I have a very similar pair of Kenneth Cole's:
Michael Kors Newton - orig. $185, sale $24.95

And these, but I have a similar pair that I bought at Victoria's Secret: 
Michael Kors Therapy - orig. $160, sale $24.95

And these, but again, I have a very similar pair:

Michael Kors Bleeker - orig. $195, sale $24.95 offers $6.95 flat-rate shipping for any size order. They do not offer free return shipping, which is my biggest complaint with them. However, I figure if you read the reviews on how the sizes run, or if you've tried the shoes on elsewhere, you can make a pretty good guess at what size to buy. But I hate doing returns, so I have to really like the shoes before I will buy them from 6pm.


Mommy Beauty said...

Thanks for posting this! I went through all the shoes they had that were close to my size and ended up with the first and third pairs you posted. I got the third pair in black. Looking at what was left when I got there kind of made me wish I needed a size 10 because there were several that I wanted! I just hope they fit. I have weird, narrow feet so shoes without straps to hold them on are hit-or-miss for me.

Kim said...

Yay! I'm glad you were able to find some in your size. I got the first pair in a 7.5, which is a half size larger than usual, and they fit perfectly. They're cute, but I don't see anyone ever paying $220 for them, LOL!

I love the third ones! My Kenneth Cole's like that are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They look cute with jeans, a skirt, or a casual dress.

Let me know how you like your shoes when you get them!

Kim said...

I forgot to say - I have narrow heels, so I used those little adhesive butterflies in the back of my wedges to keep them from slipping up and down.