Monday's Meal 2/15/10

Monday, February 15, 2010

This past Saturday, my husband, son, & I went to a local Korean barbeque restaurant - Chung Kiwha. It's a quiet, unassuming place with attentive staff that will answer questions & refill your drinks frequently. Each table has a grill, and you go to the buffet to pick out meat & vegetables to cook at your table. I don't normally go to buffets, but at $27.95 per person, I've never seen any  children there, so that eliminates 90% of my issues with buffets, LOL. They offer two types of soup, white rice, and several cold Asian dishes - like kimchi and chop chae. It's a meat-lover's paradise with a buffet full of marinated raw beef, pork, beef short ribs, chicken and tongue, as well as scallops, shrimp, squid, mussels and clams.They also have a full sushi bar, but that isn't included with the buffet - you can get sushi alone, order it with the buffet, or even get it to go. Believe it or not, I've never tried their sushi - which says a lot for their buffet.

spicy chicken, pork, rib eye, & beef short ribs

as it's starting to cook
after we'd been cooking awhile

rice, kimchi, chop chae, & other vegetable dishes

If you have a Korean barbeque restaurant near you, I recommend giving it a try - especially if it has good reviews. It's an interesting experience and the food is quite tasty. We liked the barbeque so much that I bought some to use on meat that we grill at home. Bottled is not as good as homemade, but it'll do in a pinch!