My own little margarita party...

Monday, February 22, 2010

So in honor of National Margarita Day, I made Bahamaritas this evening. They're delicious - I'm on #3 right now, so if there are typos, blame the tequila.

We used to have a Bahama Breeze restaurant here, but it closed a couple of years ago, much to my chagrin. I loved their Bahamaritas. Sigh. Once again, something I loved, discontinued. Story of my life. Luckily, the Bahama Breeze website has the recipe! Yay!!

Now I will warn you - this recipe is not for the faint of heart. It requires some serious tequila dedication because there are a lot of steps & a lot of prep work - not to mention clean-up. I recommend putting the clean-up off until you've had your first Bahamarita - after that, it just doesn't seem quite so bad.

Here is the link to the recipe.

And here are some pics of my Bahamarita adventure:

assembling the ingredients...alas, the store was out of mangoes

 the most important ingredient - TEQUILA!!

 kiwi ice

 strawberry ice

frozen margaritas!
 BAHAMARITA!! (and the glass was a gift from Kathy!)

Now let me tell you how I tweaked their recipe. First, my store was out of mangoes, so I couldn't make the mango ice. Not a biggie - I just made the kiwi & strawberry ices & moved on. I recommend adding a bit of tequila to them - otherwise, they just water down your drink. The recipe isn't really clear on amounts for the fruit. I used two kiwis with 2 oz. of simple syrup and put the frozen concoction machine on the "2 drinks" setting. For the strawberries, I used about 10 berries, 2 oz. of syrup, and the "2 drinks" setting. For the margarita mix, I used 2 oranges, 3 limes, and two extra-large lemons - 8 oz. of simple syrup - and the "3 drinks" setting. I found that there was too much liquid, so it wasn't thick enough. Next time, I would probably use half of the liquid & the same setting/ice. If you like your drink more tart than sweet, I would decrease the amount of simple syrup. For tequila, I used 4 shots - use more or less to taste.  :-)

Very yummy! And if my husband wasn't such a (insert favorite insulting name here)...he would've had a drink or two and I wouldn't have to drink them all by myself. I'm off to the kitchen for #4...

If any of the above is illegible or unclear, please contact me tomorrow (preferably after noon) and I will attempt to make sense of it. Thank you and Happy Margarita Day.



E said...

These look delicious! I'm bookmarking the recipe,I'll be trying these this summer for sure!

Kim said...

I told my husband tonight that I would be making pitchers of these in the summer! They are de-lic-ious!!