Say it ain't snow!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I hate snow. I hate being cold. But no one hates snow more than my husband. At the mere mention of snow, he starts pacing and grumbling. He thinks life should come to a grinding halt when there's snow. And God forbid that our daughter should have class or our son should be scheduled to work. So this latest snow (I think we have about 12") really got him worked into a frenzy. Our son still had to go to work today, but thank goodness our daughter's college canceled all classes. That saved her from the ultimate embarrassment, because her dad was planning to drive her to class, wait for her in the Student Union, and then drive her home. Nothing like having your dad hang out in the Student Union.

Of course, my husband is working from home today - as he does on all days when there is snow. Actually, he tends to work from home even if there is just a chance of snow. We laugh at him, but I'm glad I don't have to worry about him out on the road with the crazies who don't know how to drive in the snow. Besides, who am I to mock him? I'm sitting here at my desk, typing on my pink laptop with my pink Snuggie wrapped around my legs. I may get up to make a hot drink - later. Or not. I'll play it by ear.

The view from my front porch

The view from my deck

For some reason, our dog (a miniature Australian shepherd named Riley) has decided that he loves the snow. Which is weird because we used to have to force him to go outside when there was more than 2 inches of snow. We always had to shovel spots for him to do his business because he didn't like squatting in the snow. Can't say that I blame him. But today he thinks the snow is grand. He spent more than an hour outside, just sitting in the snow. I asked him several times if he wanted to come inside, but he just looked at me like I was cramping his style. So outside he stayed. When he finally came inside, he had snowballs all over his fur. They were like little white dingleberries, LOL.

Riley's snowballs

He's quite distressed

When he discovered the snowballs, he ran around the house frantically, as if to say "Get them off me - NOW!!!". I tried to help, but they were impossible to remove - both because they were stuck like glue to his fur & because he wouldn't stop running around like the Tasmanian devil. He kept trying to bite at the snowballs - pulling on them to get them out of his fur. But that was all to no avail - those suckers weren't budging until they melted. He was fairly traumatized - or so I thought. Less than a half hour later, he wanted back outside. And we repeated the process two more times before he finally gave up and took a nap. The cats think he's insane, but since he provides comedic entertainment for them, they allow him to live in their house. 

At least one of us doesn't mind the snow. The rest of us are counting the days until spring. There are 38. Just in case you wondered.