Some of my favorite Aromaleigh eyeshadows

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kristin at Aromaleigh has some of the best eyeshadow ever, in my opinion. So many colors, so many finishes - the shadows stay on all day without creasing or losing their color - and the prices are incredible. You can even buy a generous sample for just $1.00 - and there is no limit on how many different samples you can buy - plus you get to pick 3 free shadow samples with every purchase. I've been an Aromaleigh fan for many years - and I have quite a collection of their eyeshadows. I love eyeshadow. Especially purple eyeshadow!

(a better pic of Morbid Curiosity)

Here are some of my favorite purples:

Moth (from the L'Orchidee collection) - a really pale silvery-lavender with iridescent sparkles. I love to use this color on my lids with Morbid Curiosity in the crease & as a liner. Be sure to use a primer before patting onto lids (don't try to brush it on) - it helps keep the sparkles on your lids & off your face.

Morbid Curiosity (from the Gothic Lolita collection) - a silvery-plum frost with some sparkles, but not as many as Moth. This is my absolutely most favorite color!! I use it as a crease color and also as a liner. It's such a gorgeous color!

Hoity Toity (from the Hot in the City collection) - frosty mauve in color with a few bright blue sparkles. So pretty!

Chatterbox (from the L'Orchidee collection) - a frosted copper-mauve with subtle sparkles. Copper & purple are two of the colors that look best on me, so this one is a winner!

Longing (from the Pure Eyes Frost collection) - silvery lavender frost; almost more like a luster. Very pretty, subtle color. This one has been around for quite some time, and it's easy to see why.

Soul Takes Flight (from the Les Papillons collection) - a dark greyish-purple frost with aqua & pink sparkles. Really pretty as a liner.

Don't forget to check the 'Coupons and Deals'  and 'Hot 2 Week Sale' pages for specials and codes!

I'm going to 'treat' you to an un-photoshopped close-up of my 48-year-old eye (so let's keep the comments nice, LOL). This is just an 'everyday' look I do when I'm not going anywhere (that's why there's not much liner or shadow, LOL) - it's Moth on the lid, Morbid Curiosity in the crease & as liner - for under the brow, I used Petticoat Pink from Lauren Luke's Vintage Glam Palette(it's the large pale pink one in the top center). And see my lashes??!! That's because I'm wearing Shiseido's The Mascara Base - otherwise, I'd look like I was lashless!!
(ETA: I just realized that the second pic here makes it look like I applied the color mostly to the inner crease - but the first pic is of my left eye (open), and the second pic is of my right eye (closed), LOL! So the crease color is applied to the outer crease.)