The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Laundry Day

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I hate doing laundry. To those of you who think babies & toddlers make a lot of laundry, I say "HA!" - just wait until they're teenagers. Especially if they're girls. They change their clothes 3 or 4 times a day. And no, don't even suggest that they might hang up something that they only wore for 2 hours - you'll get the "look". The one that says, "Obviously, Mother, you have lost your freakin' mind." - yeah, you know that one I'm talking about because you used to give it to YOUR mother. Boys are usually different though - you'll most likely be begging them to PLEASE change their clothes. (And don't forget that you'll need to remind them that it helps to shower between clothing changes - don't ever assume that they know this.) There's nothing quite like opening your son's bedroom door & finding that it smells like teen spirit - and I'm not talking about Nirvana. 

I hate doing laundry. Maybe it's because no matter how often I do it, there always seems to be more. It multiplies at an incredible rate. If I could get my money to multiply like my laundry, I would be a rich, rich woman. I'd still have to do my own laundry because it would just be too weird having someone else touch my dirty clothes, but at least I'd be a rich woman doing laundry.

I hate laundry. The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Laundry Day. Unfortunately, it comes every day of the week at my house. But it seems I'm stuck doing it - so I'm all for anything that makes my work a bit easier. I just read an article on about 6 laundry products that "really work" (their words, not mine) for stain removal.
  • clorox bleach pen - I've never used this, but I think I might get one. I like that you can use it on tile grout.
  • Tide Buzz - I have never heard of this, and my husband works for P&G! I love gadgets, so this one has caught my eye. It's sold on Amazon by PartStore for $22.95 plus $7.95 shipping. There are only 5 reviews - 3 positive, 2 negative - but I'm still tempted.
  • powder bleach - like Biz; nothing new here 
  • Madame Paulette's Professional Stain Removal Kit - at first I thought these were like Shout Wipes, and I wondered why they are so pricey - but it seems these are professional cleaning wipes for the finest apparel. Um, okay.
  • gentle laundry detergents - like Woolite; again, nothing new
  • pocket wipes - I love Shout Wipes, but they show a picture of Oxi-Clean wipes (the only place I could find them online was a janitorial supply company) - I've never seen those, but I would like to try them.

One other thing I saw on the Real Simple website was the Rubbermaid Stack-n-Sort baskets. My laundry room is a little on the small side, so these would be really handy! I hope I can find them locally.

Do you have any laundry tips? Horror stories? Please share!


cbdeo said...

I must confess I enjoy doing laundry. I also, joke to my friends about it being my hobby.. because it's seems I'm always doing laundry. And it's only Dh and I. We do tend to change several times in a day on certain days or it multiplies when I'm not looking! ☺
This is what helped me.
In order to love it.. I first had to get better organized.
So, I bought a three "hole" laundry sorter one each for colors, whites, sheets/towels. I tend to keep a load going at all times. Then, I bought a very sturdy clothes rack (online for under $200.) that I hang everything on, as it comes out of the dryer. The folded items go into the laundry basket. Which, I promptly put away when done.

Also, I love the clorox pen. It works great! It even took out a ink stain on an off colored tag in the neck.

Kim said...

Those are great ideas! I already keep the laundry sorted, and I have the white wire closet shelving in my laundry room that allows me to hang up the clothes as they come out of the dryer - and the folded clothes go into their respective baskets. So organization doesn't help - I think I just hate it because there is always more, LOL! Even if I think I've done it all, there will be at least 4-5 things somewhere in the house that didn't make it to the laundry room. And my obsessiveness allows that to bug me, LOL!!