Dear "lady" in the black Windstar,

Monday, March 15, 2010

You were in front of me today while I was driving to the dentist's office. I followed you for about five miles, and I made some observations.


I see you have a decal on the back of your minivan that says "FOXY". Hmmmm.  I'm pretty sure it's not foxy to hang your arm out of the window while you drive in 40 degree weather. And I know it's not foxy to flick the ashes from your cigarette out that same window. Which leads me to conclude that it's also not foxy to toss your burning cigarette butt out of that same window. And since we're on the subject, it's not foxy to drive a black Windstar either.
I don't think you're fooling anyone with the "foxy" sign. 'Kay? Thanks.

The lady in the black SUV with cigarette ashes on it

P.S. Yes, I did just break a tooth and I'm getting a migraine - but I'm pretty sure that my judgment on this particular issue isn't clouded by pain.