Easter cupcakes

Sunday, March 28, 2010

C'mon - you knew I was going to blog about Easter cupcakes, didn't you?

I was reading an article about "the cutest ever Easter cupcakes" on the Food Network website and when I got to the picture of the little lamb cupcakes, I laughed out loud! I'm not sure how they would taste - but they are so adorable! And I bet kids would have a blast making them. But somehow I don't think I could talk Buddy & Lulu into making them with me. Gosh, they get so difficult when they're over 18. Sigh.

How darned cute are these??? They remind me of the sheep in the Serta mattress commercials, LOL!

Food Network's Little Lamb Cupcakes

I love these sparkling baby cakes cupcake beauties (also from Food Network)! They're almost too pretty to eat. Not really. I would devour that cupcake in a heartbeat. Her and her pretty little dog, too. Yum.

Food Network's Sparkling Baby Cakes

These little bunny cupcakes are from Wilton.com, and I think they're pretty darned cute, too. They have several Easter cupcake ideas on their website.

Wilton's Sweet Tooth Bunny Cupcakes

Anyone planning to make Easter/spring cupcakes? What are you making?


Jessica said...

Hahaha! I LOL'd too!! So cute! :)