Da Bomb

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I love pretty things. I especially love pretty pink things. So when I saw Benefit's Sugarbomb, I fell in love. Until I saw the price. :-(

 Benefit's Sugarbomb $28

$28 isn't unreasonable (it also comes with a brush, but I have a brush exactly like it), but when you already own more blush than you could use in 5 years, even if you applied it three times per day - well, you just hate to spend even more money on blush. LOL! Then I realized that I could probably make my own version of Sugarbomb. I'm going to call mine "Da Bomb".  :-)

That's one of the reasons I love mineral makeup - you can easily mix colors to get a perfect match or just come up with something new. So I pulled out all of my Aromaleigh blushes and picked four that I thought would work well together.

Since I always wear sunless tanner in the summer, I decided that I would need to go a bit darker & warmer than Benefit's Sugarbomb. I ended up choosing Epitome (a pretty peach w/ shimmer), Candy (candy pink w/shimmer), Beauteous (rose w/shimmer), and Serenity (a warm plum).

my blush color choices

the first mix was a bit darker than what I wanted

so I added more Candy & Beauteous - love it!

In the last picture, I have bronzer on my hand - so this is how Da Bomb looked after using my fingers to buff it onto the back of my hand. I'm pretty pleased with the color. I have an idea for making it a little more "pearlescent", which I think would be great for that glowing, slightly flushed look. I also have a couple of other ideas for mixes, so I'll probably be sharing those as soon as Aromaleigh reopens on April 5th and I can order a few samples.

Speaking of Aromaleigh blush samples - it's a great way to have a lot of blush options. $2 gets you a generous sample - enough to last for at least 7-10 uses (maybe more). And if you only order samples, you have the option to choose free shipping! They also offer mini jars of blush, which are $8 each. If you can catch the blush when it's 25% off, you'll only pay $1.50 for samples and $6 for the mini jars!

Recipe for "Da Bomb"
1 part Serenity
1 part Epitome
2 parts Candy
2 parts Beauteous

(all blushes are from Aromaleigh's Pure Mineral Rouge collection


Jessica said...

Ooh, really pretty!! :)