I had a dream

Monday, March 1, 2010

The other night I had a dream - not unusual for me, because I dream every night. Most of the time, I remember the dream - but in this case I only remember one thing. I was wearing the ugliest, gaudiest ring ever on my right middle finger - but in the dream, I thought it was gorgeous. It was similar to this ring (which can be found here):

I mean absolutely no offense to the store selling this ring, or to anyone who owns something similar. Obviously, there are people who like this sort of jewelry. But anyone who knows me knows that I do not wear rings like this - never have, never will (well, maybe I will when I'm really old, because I plan to be pretty kooky). But my dream occurred in present day. And I never took this ring off. And I loved it soooo much.

WTF? What could this dream possibly signify? Do I have ring envy?? This was definitely one bizarre dream!