Knitting project - afghan

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I taught myself to knit last year, and one of the things I wanted to accomplish this year was to knit an afghan for my husband. Since all I've knitted up until now is scarves, I was a little nervous about taking on such a large project - even though the pattern I picked is supposed to be relatively easy.

I managed to finish the project Friday night. Of course, my husband pointed out that the temperatures are supposed to be in the 50's all next week, so he's not sure that he needs it "now that winter is over". Hmmmppphhh. 'Cause it's not like he ever put off doing something until it was almost too late...

So here it is:

the finished project

a closer view of the pattern

an even closer view of the stitches

Angus enjoying the afghan (but not the picture-taking)

As you can see, Angus has claimed the afghan as his personal property. As soon as I put it on the couch, he jumped up on it and started "making dough" and purring loudly. Then he settled down on it for a long nap. I think maybe I'll make him a smaller one since there is likely to be some friction over to whom this one actually belongs. Boys will be boys, even if one is human and the other feline.

Uh I was finishing this post,  looked up and saw this:

Maybe I need to make two more...


Jessica said...

Oh, how pretty! I love the yarn you picked! Looks great!

Kim said...

Thanks! Those are the accent colors in the living room, so I was happy to find yarn to coordinate.