Wednesday's WTF?? 3/3/10

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Anyone who knows me knows this: I. LOVE. SHOES. 

But even I can't find anything to love about these...WTF are they? Sneakers? Wedges? Heels?

And then that begs the question - WTF would you pair these with? A nylon windsuit? A velour jogging suit that proclaims your butt is "Juicy"? Satin boxing trunks?

I realize that I don't live in a fashion mecca, but seriously? I can't even imagine. And check out the price tag - $500 on sale. These babies are available from Just in case you wanted to get a pair.

(The above remarks are JMHO and not meant to offend the designer or anyone who might own these shoes. But I'm laughing at you anyway.)