Blood Orange

Friday, April 23, 2010

My introduction to blood orange as a fragrance was with a sample of Bliss' Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Butter. I fell in love with it and bought a full-size tube, even though it was a bit pricey. The white pepper gives it such an interesting fragrance. It's hard to describe - but the pepper gives the blood orange a little "kick". It sounds like such an unlikely combination, but it's wonderful. The body butter has a thick, creamy consistency and absorbs well.

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I recently added the blood orange + white pepper bath & shower gel to my collection. I love how it makes the whole bathroom smell so good! The gel has a thick consistency and lathers well with a shower pouf. I do find the bottle a little hard to squeeze - but I think there is a larger version with a pump top, so I'm sure that would work better.

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So when I saw that Sephora had Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter for just $5, I had to try it! Oh. My. Goodness. This stuff is pure heaven!! It smells like oranges, raspberries, and strawberries. Yum. It contains shea butter, mango butter, safflower oil, sweet almond oil, and rose hip seed oil. But I'm very picky - I cannot stand a product that leaves my skin feeling greasy - especially in the summer. This one absorbs completely and doesn't leave any greasy feeling on the skin. I find this body butter easier to apply than the Bliss product. A winner!

As much as I love the scent of the Bliss body butter, I have to say that overall, I prefer the Pacifica product - especially the price! Now I want to try the body wash, lotion, & perfume! And of course, the candle! If you love fruit scents, definitely give this one a try!

Now I want to figure out how to make a summer drink that tastes like the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange body butter smells!