Cocoa brown & pewter...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Another trip to Target revealed that everyone else loved the colorful bins as much as I did - because they were almost all gone!! None of the ones I wanted were left. Bummer. Can't find them online either. I may have to make a trip to Ikea or The Container Store. However, the trip wasn't a total waste. I found some shoes on sale (surprise!) for $17.99! They had several colors - a dark lavender, white, yellow, turquoise, black, fuchsia, and a silvery-bronze. I really wanted the lavender ones, but of course they didn't have them in my size - so I ended up getting the silvery-bronze ones.

They're super cute on and they have a little stretch to them, which makes them really comfy. They are much cuter on than they are on display - I almost didn't try them on - but I'm glad I did!

The color reminds me of one of my favorite Aromaleigh eyeshadows - Viburnum, from the Spring Solstice collection. They describe the color as "the perfect marriage of cocoa brown and pewter" - and it is simply stunning. I tried to get a picture of the eyeshadow next to the shoes, but I couldn't get the lighting to cooperate so that you could see the true color of both at the same time.


Now if I could just find a cute tote bag in that same color - or maybe one that just has accents in that color - ooh la la!!


Eclectic Musings said...

Oooh, one of my favorite colors for eye shadows and accessories!