My first BakeItPretty order!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The other day, I placed my first order for cupcake goodies from So when the order arrived - I couldn't wait to rip it open and see what kind of magical cupcake-baking goodness was inside! Then I remembered that I wanted to take pictures, so there would be no ripping. I'll take the pictures quickly...

Look at that pink cuteness peeking out of the box!

Awwwww - it's adorable!!!

Some groovy baking cups

And these are almost too cute for words!!

The entire haul - lots of cute baking cups, 3 new (BIG) icing tips, opal sanding sugar, and violet sugar crystals (the pic doesn't do the color justice - it's a gorgeous purple!)

I highly recommend - the quality of the supplies is outstanding, the shipping was incredibly fast, and the packaging/presentation just made me smile. I will definitely be purchasing from them again!


Jessica said...

What adorable stuff! LOVE the baking cups!! Polka dots are one of my favorite things. Combine them with cupcakes (another favorite) and voila - instant awesomeness!! :)

Kim said...

They had so many cute things that I had a hard time choosing! They have a ton of polka dots!