FTW and major fail...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

You know how some things are just so awesome you have to tell everyone about them? And then there are some things that are just so annoying that you have to tell everyone about them? Well, here's my current win/fail list...

These things totally rock...

1) Amazon Prime membership and free 2-day shipping! Yes!! And Amazon gets extra points for having just about anything I could ever want. The membership is $80/year, but it doesn't take long for it to pay for itself.

2) GAP - for their in-store exchanges!! Yay for doing price overrides to give me the price I paid online for an in-store exchange!! (I was worried because I read online that GAP makes you do a return & then repurchase, but in doing do, some people lost their online discounts).

3) Swagbucks - by installing their toolbar and using them to do internet searches I would normally do anyway, I've earned enough Swagbucks in the past 3 months to redeem for three $5 giftcards for amazon.com!!

4) Slacker Radio - thank you for offering such a great service for free!!!!

5) my blog readers - you guys are the best!!

And the MAJOR FAIL list...they all suck...

1) Rhapsody - they make it virtually impossible to unsubscribe from their service; after trying to unsubscribe for 6 weeks, I finally had to get my credit card company involved before I could get my Rhapsody account canceled. Shame on you, Rhapsody!!

2) iGive - you think you're doing a great thing by shopping through them so money is donated to your designated cause; but when you try to uninstall their annoying shopping window, you can't - none of their solutions work, their customer service people are condescending, and their final solution (in a not very nice email) is for you to allow them to remotely connect to your computer in order to remove it. Hmmm. Let me think...NO.

3) the truck driver who was on 237 earlier this week driving 20 mph (speed limit is 55) and weaving all over the road - he was TEXTING!!! While driving an 18-wheeler!!

4) the elderly lady who I let out of the parking lot - 4 lanes of traffic, and she stops in front of me with her turn signal on to get into the next lane. No merging, no slowing down - dead stop. She held up traffic for at least 5 minutes.

5) Sonya Kashuk bristle hair brush - yep, the one that was supposed to be similar to the $126 Mason Pearson brush. It *might* be great if you have thin hair, but it won't even brush completely through my hair. Grrrr. All I can say is thank goodness it was only $15.

Don't bother if you have thick hair!!

What are some of the things that you love/hate?