Mother's Day

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mother's Day will be here before you know it! Do you know what you're getting your mom? Do you need ideas so that you can drop hints to your significant other?

I love and I like to search for sellers in my area so that I can support local artisans. I didn't really find anything from my area that works for Mother's Day - but I did find these:

Birth Designs - this designer has some really lovely items for sale. A wide range of styles, sizes, and prices. The necklace pictured below is just one example:

(this necklace is available from Birth Designs on for $76)

Divine Designs Boutique - another designer with a lot of beautiful jewelry. These pieces have more of the look you would find in a jewelry store rather than the "handcrafted" look.

(this necklace is available from Divine Designs Boutique on for $28.95)

sTuckintheCoop - more great Mother's Day items - I love the hammered metal for a more casual look:

(this necklace is available from sTuckintheCoop on for $53)

christinaguenther - how dainty and feminine is this necklace? This designer has lots of other jewelry as well.

(this necklace is available from christinaguenther on for $32)

moonovermaize - what a cute, fun, funky look! I like this necklace a lot because it's so unusual!

 (this necklace is available from moonovermaize on for $48)

SewColorfulDesigns - cute, cute, cute cards!!!

(this card is available from SewColorfulDesigns on for $3)

daphnenen - lots of really cute handbags; many sizes, styles, and colors!! They're all so cute, I don't think I could pick just one!

(this bag is available from daphenen on for $65)

downstairsDesigns - designer of the In Touch Clutch! These little organizers are amazing - and they have so many different uses!

(this In Touch Clutch is available from downstairsDesigns on for $27)

SwankyBakes - who doesn't love cookies?? This seller has adorable swanky cookies for sale.

(one dozen of these cookies are available from SwankyBakes at for $18)

And this last item is something I saw on Pink Martini & Pearls' blog. It's one of those things that is so simple, yet so very precious. I would have loved to have had these when my kids were little!!

This cookie cutter is handcrafted in copper from a drawing of your child's handprint. They even engrave the child's name on the cutter. Even if you never used it for cookies - how precious is this? It would look great hanging on the wall, or in a shadow box, or hanging on the Christmas tree - but imagine how excited your child would be to bake cookies from his/her handprint! Grandmas would definitely love this, too.

The original price is $39.99 - but they are having a Mother's Day special for $29.99 through April 30. Additional copies are $14.99. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. It seems they are experiencing some difficulties with their website, so the contact email for them is

Have you found any great Mother's Day gifts?