Mother's Day cake

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You have to check out this amazing Mother's Day Cake! It was made by iammommy - and believe it or not, this was her first attempt at making fondant! I want to be just like her when I grow up!!

She had me with the pink! I adore pink! Pink swirlies and pink hearts? Divine. If the cake is chocolate, I'll take two. Praise the chocolate & spun sugar fairies - it is!!

But wait - there's more!! Check out the swirlies again. Yeah. They aren't just random marks - they're letters. And they spell out "Happy Mother's Day" over and over. I couldn't believe my eyes - who can write that perfectly in such tiny print? And who has the patience? Well, obviously, iammommy does - she is sooooo cool.

And the thing that really blew me away is that she says it only took her an hour to decorate this cake. An hour. I know it would take me half a day - and it wouldn't look nearly as nice. And look at those itty bitty hearts!!

She shares her secrets here - there is a recipe for the fondant (which is a marshmallow fondant, so it's sweeter and easier to work with than regular fondant), and she used a box mix for the cake.

Now I want cake.


Jessica said...

How awesome! I am saving that idea for later. I think I could totally do it, though maybe not as well. It would be a cute birthday cake too, with "Happy Birthday" over and over. And yes, homemade fondant is waaaaaay better than the disgusting store-bought stuff!!

Kim said...

Yes! I was thinking that you could even do "Happy Birthday" in "stripes" diagonally across the cake - maybe each line in a different color - for more of a "masculine" take on the idea. Larger letters, of course.

So what consistency would the frosting need to be in order for you to be able to print each letter so perfectly?