Pout Instant Shimmer Tan

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unfortunately, my favorite bronzer of all time, MAC Skinsheen, was not offered this year. In my opinion, it was the best bronzer ever. The color was great and it was soooo water-resistant. It's almost impossible to find a good water-resistant bronzer! Luckily, I have a couple of cans stockpiled, but I have to find a replacement soon!

I recently purchased 4 new bronzers - and I'll review all of them here as I try them. The first one I'll be reviewing is from Pout. It's called Sexy Sunwear Instant Shimmer Tan. I have to tell you up front that Pout Cosmetics no longer exists - I bought this product from beautyticket.com (a discount beauty site).

This is just a bronzer - it is not a sunless tanner. It provides instant color and washes off easily with soap and water. Actually, I should say that it rinses off easily with water. Which makes me very sad because it does have nice color with a lovely sheen. No sparkle or glitter - just a nice golden pearlescent sheen.

(Can I just say that I can't believe how old my hands look? The veins are a dead give-away!)

As you can see, the bronzer is a caramel color. It spreads very easily and dries quickly. I didn't notice any stickiness at all. It has a really nice consistency that is easy to apply evenly.

One thing I did notice is that this product didn't have a very pleasant scent. I'm sure that it's because it's an older product. I checked reviews at makeupalley.com, and some people said it had a tropical scent. Mine definitely didn't. I also checked to see what everyone said about the water-resistance of the product - no one mentioned water-resistance - they just said it was easily removed.

I only tried the product on my hands, but I would imagine that it isn't going to hold up to heat/sweating. It definitely doesn't hold up to hand-washing. Since it was only on my hands, I can't attest to whether or not there would be any rub-off either. As I mentioned above, I'm disappointed. If it had some water-resistance, it would be a real contender as a replacement for my beloved Skinsheen. But even that is probably moot, since the company is now defunct. Sigh. On to the next bronzer.


E said...

Oh no, Skinsheen isn't available this year???? I could just cry :( I've been waiting and waiting for it to come back, I loved that stuff! I'll definitely be interested in your reviews for a replacement!

Kim said...

I know! Isn't it incredible? I can't believe a product that sells out every year wouldn't be brought back. Email them -I did. Maybe if enough people complain they'll bring it back next year.

E said...

I will definitely email them!

Jessica said...

I hope you find a good bronzer!! I need a new one for my face. I haven't been able to find mine since we moved. Weird how that happens..

Kim said...

I MUST find one! LOL! I have a few more here to try - and a couple of others on my list "to buy".

We moved 3 years ago and there are STILL things I can't find, LOL!