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Friday, April 30, 2010

I love seeing different makeup looks. I scour websites and books looking at new ideas all of the time. I have so much makeup, I will never be able to use it all. But here's the problem. Most of the time, the looks I find are too dramatic for me to use as a daily look. As much as I might want to deny it, I'm reaching an age where I need to tone down my makeup a bit. When the texture of your skin starts to change, super-frosty or metallic eye shadows just emphasize that "crepe-iness" (and you can call that crepe-y or creepy - they both work as far as I'm concerned, LOL!) and I want to draw attention away from that. I still like satin shadows or those with a pearlescent sheen, but I try to either keep them neutral/nude or add a matte shadow so that the entire eye area isn't shimmery.

I figure there have to be other ladies out there who feel the same way. You want to see different shadow combos to get ideas for your own use - but you want something subtle, with muted colors - something that you can apply in just a few minutes. So I thought I would start posting some of the everyday looks that I do. They aren't anything spectacular - I'm certainly not a makeup artist - and you're going to see the looks on skin that is almost 49 years old (so prepare yourself!). But I think I'm okay with that because not everyone out there is 20 or 30-something - and not everyone wants dramatic makeup. I hope that someone finds the information helpful!

This is a look that I did earlier this week. I was in a hurry and just wanted something neutral with a little smudged liner. I was going to wear jeans and a navy blue sweater, so this is what I chose:

Here's a list with links to the products:
Aromaleigh Plush Romantic eye shadow
Aromaleigh Aurora eye shadow
First Blush of Spring blush (the link will take you to the recipe)
GeoGraphx Peach Pearl eye shadow
MAC Whirl lip liner
MAC Delish lipstick (this has been d/c'ed, so check eBay)
MAC Nymphette lipglass
Spell Cosmetics Hologlow Embers eye shadow
Spell Cosmetics Gold Salmon eye shadow

This was soooo easy! I patted Gold Salmon over the lid and up into the crease, patted a light layer of Peach Pearl over that, and a light layer of Aurora over that. Then I added Hologlow Embers from the top of the crease to under the brow. Next, I lined the outer 2/3 of my upper lid with Plush Romantic, and smudged a little thicker line all along the lower lashline. Because I wanted to make sure the color lasted all day, I then took a little of the Plush Romantic, mixed it with a bit of eyeliner sealant, and wetlined the upper & lower lashlines. Then I went back with a dry brush and added a little more of the Plush Romantic while the wetlining was still damp. I know it sounds like a lot - but when you have all of the brushes & shadows in front of you, it literally takes 2-3 minutes from start to mascara.

I used a blush brush to apply a little First Blush of Spring to the apples of my cheeks. For my lips, I used MAC's Whirl lip liner (it's definitely my "my lips but better" color), then MAC's Delish lipstick, and topped that with MAC's Nymphette lipglass.

So as you can see, it's just enough makeup/color to add a little life, but not enough that people say "wow, she's wearing makeup".  ;-)


Eclectic Musings said...

I love that you can actually see the sparkle in that eyeliner! A lot of times even the pencils that advertise sparkle don't have enough to show up. I might have to get some of that shadow.

I usually don't apply my shadows wet, especially when they come in baggies, because I'm too lazy to dump a little onto something else and deal with the mess I made. haha

Kim said...

I'll be honest - I don't dump the shadow. I have a tiny glass bowl that I use for minerals, and I put a drp of sealant in the bowl, dip the brush in it, then dip the brush in the minerals. But I only do that with sample baggies. With jars, I sprinkle the shadow in the top of the lid & put the sealant directly on the brush & then mix it. A lot of AL shadows have sparkle, especially when you wetline them!

Eclectic Musings said...

I couldn't get to their site earlier. It was asking me for a password.

Kim said...

Yeah, I had that problem this morning, too. But it worked later. I don't know if the code still works or not, but getpretty was good for 30% off your entire order.

Monica @ Beauty Parler said...

Glad you started a blog! Love the makeup, nice & fresh looking for Spring:) And your skin looks glowy!

Kim said...

Thanks, Monica! I'm still learning the whole blogging deal, but it's been fun so far. I enjoy your blog!