Sprout watches

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I just saw an ad for Sprout watches in my latest issue of Body + Soul magazine. They are really cute!! What's even better is that they're made of mostly eco-friendly materials! They remind me of the Swatch watches I had back in the 80's - but these are classier.

  • natural bamboo dial
  • organic cotton wristband
  • mercury-free battery
  • mineral crystal
  • corn-resin case, caseback, bezel, reflector ring, movement holder, & buckle closure

There are other color combinations, and two case sizes available. The price is really reasonable - $30 at Nordstrom. The watches are also available at Kmart ($26.99), Sears ($26.99), Kohl's ($29.99), and amazon.com ($27.00 - and they are eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime).

How cute for summer! I love the cloth bands - my only concern is that since I use sunless tanners, there would probably be some rub-off on the inside of the band. I definitely won't be getting the one with the ivory band!

These would also be a great option for anyone who has difficulty wearing a watch due to a metal allergy.