Bourjois Illuminating Gel

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The next bronzer I'm reviewing is Bourjois Petit Dessert du Teint Illuminating Gel in caramel. I purchased mine from for $7.99 (1 oz. tube) - and I assume it has been discontinued since this is a discount site and I can't find the product anywhere else.

As you can see, it's not really a "gel" - it's a creamy, lightweight lotion. It's very easy to apply and it dries quickly. Two major "pros" as far as I'm concerned. I assume that it was meant to be used on the face since it's such a small tube and the instructions say "apply all over the face or in small touches to give the complexion an instant transparent glow". I think it would apply nicely to the face, but I don't use bronzer on my face.  :-)

As you can see, it just gives a hint of color. I assume you could layer it for a darker color, too. The color looks very natural and would be perfect for someone who is pale and just wants to give their skin a hint of color. I don't think it would show up on tanned skin. It also has a light vanilla fragrance, which is another point in it's favor. Another thing I liked was that it doesn't have any shimmer or sparkle. If I wanted shimmer, I could easily dust on a little shimmer powder or add a few touches of a shimmer bronzer - but I like having the option of a matte finish. However, the major drawback (and a deal-breaker for me) is that it isn't the least bit water-resistant.

To summarize:
  • easy to apply
  • dries quickly
  • natural color
  • light, pleasant fragrance
  • matte finish
  • no water-resistance
I'm kind of sad that this product seems to have been discontinued (although it's still available from I like it enough that I am going to try to mix it with a water-resistant sunscreen to give it a little more staying power. If that works, I will probably buy a couple more tubes. I definitely would consider using it during the winter.