Is tan prettier?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do you find people who are tan more attractive? Do you think they look healthier than their pale counterparts?

If you answered yes to one (or both) of those questions, you're not alone, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. In a survey of 7100 women and men nationwide, 80 percent said they have concerns about skin cancer; but 72 percent admitted they still find tanned people more attractive, and 66 percent said they think people with a tan look healthier. (read about the study here)

Personally, I think it depends upon the person. There are different shades of pale. Nicole Kidman has that perfect pale porcelain skin that just seems to glow. To me, she looks just as healthy as a tan and glowing Kate Hudson. But then you have my shade of pale. The pale where you can see all of the blue-green veins. The pale that looks sickly and has a bluish tinge. The pale where people constantly ask you if you're ill. In all honesty, a little bit of color does make me look healthier.

But getting a little bit of color doesn't have to be unhealthy. Go sunless, baby!!

I read this article on - and I was impressed to see that in one of their polls, only 16% of respondents planned to use a tanning bed this summer. Of course, they didn't ask how many planned to tan outside...

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What do you think?

Remember - May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Awareness Month!! Practice safe sun and protect your skin!!


Jessica said...

I tend to agree that most people look better with a tan. I don't know why. I prefer a light to medium tan though. The really dark ones look awful, especially over rough UV-damaged skin. Ew! Pass the sunless tanner, please!!