Nyce Legs

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today, I'm reviewing Nyce Legs Spray On Instant Nylons - which is basically a spray-on makeup rather than a bronzer. This product is available from the Nyce Legs website and also from HSN. (I think it may also be available from other sites as well.) The price is $19.95 for a 5 oz. can. I was able to obtain a free can by following @NyceLegs on Twitter and emailing them when they were giving away free cans. They do this often, so you may want to try to score a free can.

One of the things I really like in a bronzer is water-resistance. And this product definitely offers that. Unfortunately, for me, that is it's only good quality. I find this product very similar to Sally Hansen's Salon Airbrush Legs leg makeup. You spray it on - and that's the first problem - you have to hold the can back at least 12 inches to avoid getting huge splotches of thick product that can't be blended. Then there is the overspray. Yikes. Make sure you have the floor covered with old towels! And either wear a mask or hold your breath while spraying - I accidentally took a breath too soon after stopping the spray and I coughed for hours afterward. The odor is unpleasant also - not heavily fragranced, just a heavy "makeup" smell.

You cannot blend this product with vinyl gloves either. I tried to wear the gloves to keep from getting the product on my palms, but the gloves just kept getting "stuck" to the product. Blending with bare hands is easier, but you have to apply a thin layer to a small area & work very quickly. It's almost impossible. I found that I could spray a small amount on a brush and apply to my hands, but it applied minimal product that way and almost wasn't worth the effort it took.

I found the color to be unnatural, as well - just like the Sally Hansen product. I had the Medium Beige and there was nothing beige about it. It definitely had a peachy-orange color. Think matte pancake makeup.

I thought it looked very unnatural in sunlight. To me, it was obvious that it was makeup. It looked just like the old pancake makeup that old ladies pack. However, when I photographed it - it looked pretty good. So I think it works well for pictures and that's probably why brides like it. But if you want to look natural in real life, I don't think this is the product for you.

I have the lightest application possible on my legs because to add any more product was just horrible! Clown makeup - stage makeup - little old lady makeup!!

I used the same brush that I use to apply MAC Skinsheen to my hands - and this made the product look more natural. But it still wasn't the color I was looking for - and it was hard to apply evenly.

You can see in this last picture that it's almost impossible to tell that I have anything on my skin - but in real life, that leg looked like it had orange pancake makeup on it!

To summarize:
  • water-resistant
  • covers flaws
  • difficult to apply evenly
  • lots of overspray requires floor cover & mask
  • odor
  • color is unnatural
  • looks too much like makeup
  • feels thick & tacky on the skin
  • price 
    No. So, I'm still on my quest for a perfect (or even slightly imperfect!) bronzer!!